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Acrylic painting
Personalised orders, creations on measure

Having always been attracted to abstract paintings, I had never imagined for a moment to put myself in the painting.

It is in discovering a painting by Rothko at the Fondation Beyeler, in Basel, in 2011 I had a real snap. I quickly bought my first brushes, rollers, tubes etc. and am set to work ...

Self-educated, I started from scratch. It was after many tests I gradually knew where I wanted to go.

Sometimes bright colors, sometimes sober, matter and geometric forms characterize my paintings.

Exhibitions :

  • Péristyle de l'hôtel de ville de Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, mars 2020

  • Domaine de Montmollin, Auvernier, juin/juillet 2017

  • Cré'art 2014, Corcelles, octobre 2014

  • Galerie Marie-Louise Müller, Cormondrèche, avril 2014